Parkville Self-Storage is a family owned business.  We are locally owned and have been operating in the Kansas City Northland area for over 23 years.  We are members of the Parkville Chamber of Commerce, Missouri Self-Storage Owners Association and the Parkville Rotary.  


We are doing our best to cut down on the waste and recycle as much as possible in and outside of the office.  If you find you have an item you are no longer in need of let us know.  You just may be able to get it donated to one of the several charities in the area or have it recycled or hauled away.  Call for more information. The Friends of the Parkville Animal Shelter have their very own thrift store located in Parkville, Missouri to support and care for the shelter animals.  If you would like to donate items please call 816-587-0918.


In the office we have a bulletin board with names of businesses and telephone numbers that offer services to the community. Take a look and give them your support.


We have two cats that hang out at the office. Mr. Lou is a very loving cat.  On the other hand his mom, Lou Lou, is aloof.  They both make for great mousers and bring us treasures all the time. No bird feeders here! They have friends and relatives that visit us in hopes of having a little meal.  A little bit of food and kindness is always returned two fold. When you stop in to see us please watch out for them on patrol. 


If you would like to apply for employment please print and complete the application.   


Working in and with our community is very important to us.  Below are some links to those contacts in our area we have had made a connection with.